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 English to turkish please

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PostSubject: English to turkish please   Wed 31 Oct - 8:14

My love you are my angel, your sent to me from heaven above, to care for me, protect me and teach me this true love. I am lost without you close to me with you is where i want to be every moment of everyday, with every heartbeat and breath i take.
This is the path I choose to take and with you my darling my special love, my life is now to share with you my future, to bring you happiness to show you the true meaning of love to care for you, to always be here for you, to help you through difficult times and never to let you down. Never to neglect you and never to forget you. My heart is so full of love for you *****. I cannot look to the furture and see anything that does not include you my love. My life began with you and will end with you.
There are difficult times now and more ahead but there is enough love to see us through until once again I can hold you close and feel the intensity of the love that i am so blessed to of found in you. To feel the sensation that a single touch from you gives me. I tingle every time you say I love you. I never want to be without you and as long as there is a beat in my heart i will be yours.
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English to turkish please
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