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 Please translate into English.

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PostSubject: Please translate into English.   Sat 28 Oct - 7:35


I hope you can help. After spending 2 weeks in Turkey and returning home within 48 hours I was back on a plane to Marmaris. I met a lovely guy in Marmaris and since returning home we speak every day on MSN an every other day on phone. I have recently received an email in Turkish. Would anyone please be able to translate this for me.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

amy seni gerçekten çok seviyorum sana karşı olan duygularımı gerçekten anlatmak çok zor ama şunu bilki herzaman yanındayım ve herzaman sana sadık kalacağım.senle geçirdiğim her dakika her saniye bana ayrı bi mutluluk veriyor .bu anlatması gerçekten çok zor .çünkü seni gördüğümde kalp atışlarım hızlanıyor ve gözbebeklerim titriyor.

inşallah seninde duyguların bana karşı aynıdır.

marmarise tekrar geldiğinde öyle mutlu olacağımki bunu sen bile anlayamıyacksın.

Thanks in advance flower
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PostSubject: Re: Please translate into English.   Mon 30 Apr - 22:24

Rough Translation:

Amy I really love you a lot and it's really hard to explain the feelings I feel towards you, but know this, that I am always by your side and will always stay loyal to you. Every minute, every second I spend with you gives me a new happiness. This is really very hard to explain. Because when I see you my heartbeat speeds up and my pupils shake/tremble/quiver.

Hopefully your feelings towards me are the same.

When you come to Marmaris again I will be so happy even you won't be able to understand it.
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Please translate into English.
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