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 Lesson 2: learn how to say MY, YOUR, HIS, HER, OUR, THEIR

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PostSubject: Lesson 2: learn how to say MY, YOUR, HIS, HER, OUR, THEIR   Mon 19 Dec - 8:33

Turkish is a language that mainly works with suffixes (endings).
Have a look at this:


What seems to be a single extreeeeemly long word is actually a full sentence (made up of 1 word (Ingiliz) + 10 endings !!! What a Face ); here is the sentence:

You must one of those whom we didn’t succeed into “making them English”.

affraid STOP!!!!! Don’t go away!!! The use of words followed by such a long series of endless endings is VERY rare! I just wanted to scare you a wee bit… (did I manage?? jocolor )

In real daily life, things are much more simple.
Let’s take the example of possessive pronouns:

araba= car

arabam= my car
araban= your car
araba= her/his car
arabamız= our car
arabanız= your car
arabaları= their car

Exercise: now just do the same with the following words:

para= money
koca= husband
karı= wife

Quick quality translation 6 cents/word
or 4 pence/word
(native Turkish professional translator)
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Lesson 2: learn how to say MY, YOUR, HIS, HER, OUR, THEIR
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